Accident and Illness

  • Full medical expenses up to €5 million
  • Student repatriation to student’s home country
  • Family compassionate visits
  • Physiotherapy 10 sessions or €1500
  • Fortnight holiday cover to third country
  • Perfect for visa application purposes

Learner Protection

  • Protects students total fees in case of course loss of accreditation or organisational insolvency
  • Learner protection policy can arrange placement into a similar course
  • Or fees refund in case where there is no similar course available

Fees Refund

  • Students who become ill and need to return home their fees are partially refund based on the amount of the course that remains
  • Families don’t have to worry about the uncertainty of know if they are going to get a refund of fees from the college they are protected

Accident and Illness

This cover is intended to meet the needs of non-EEA students traveling to Ireland in the event of accident or illness and meets the legal requirements to hold this type of insurance to comply with immigration requirements. It does not cover pre-existing medical conditions. If you have pre-existing medical conditions you may wish to consider alternative policies providing cover for these conditions.

  • Costs for medical services and treatment, including charges for overnight stays at a medical facility, incurred following consultation with a qualified medical practitioner and ambulance charges if you are injured or become ill while studying in a country other than of your nationality, citizenship or permanent residence
  • Cost of physiotherapy, homeopathy, osteopathy or chiropractic treatment necessitated by accidental injury (up to €1,250)
  • Dental or optician related expenses following accidental injury only (up to €500)
  • Travel and reasonable accommodation costs for up to two delegated companions or relatives to attend your funeral or cremation in Ireland or accompany your body home or visit you in intensive care or look after you if it is deemed by a recognized medical Practitioner that you are unable to look after yourself (up to €10,000)
  • Disablement benefit in the event of loss of two or more limbs or loss of sight in both eyes (up to €20,000); or disablement benefit in the event of loss of one limb or loss of sight in one eye (up to €5,000)
  • Cover against liability for injury to others or loss of or damage to property of others caused by you (up to €5,000,000 any one occurrence or series of occurrences from one originating cause)
  • Defence costs if you are liable for causing injury or damage to property other than claimants costs and expenses (up to €5,000,000)

Learner Protection

This cover is intended to meet the needs of students attending educational institutions that are not financially supported by the Irish state where there is a legal obligation to hold this insurance in the event that the institution closes due to financial difficulties or its accreditation is withdrawn and you are unable to finish your course.

  • Reimbursement of fees if the establishment at which you are attending the educational course becomes insolvent or is otherwise dissolved or loses accreditation during the period of insurance and a place at an alternative establishment is not available
  • Arranging and paying the cost of your transfer to an alternative establishment if the establishment at which you are attending the educational course becomes insolvent or is otherwise dissolved or losses accreditation during the period of insurance
  • In all up to a maximum of €25,000 in all for all claims during the period of insurance

Fees Refund

This cover is intended to meet the needs of non-EEA students who are unable to continue their studies as a result of a serious illness or death of the insured student.

  • Reimbursement of fees for the unused portion if you are unable to complete the academic course as a result of death, accidental injury, or illness this covers the unused portion of your fees up to a maximum of €25,000


Medical and Accident Claims
Academy Plus does not have authority to deal with claims. In the event that you need to make a medical expenses claim you should read the claims sections in the policy documentation provided to you.

How to make a claim
It is essential that you to follow these instructions to be able to make a claim including the use of Approved Hospitals.

All medical claims must be notified to Sedgwick, the insurer’s Claims Administrator as soon as possible and within 30 days of the expense being incurred (by telephoning 00 353 (0) 1 299 4808; or by claims correspondence email

Sedgwick must be notified in advance of any Medical Expenses claim likely to exceed EUR 250 or where You intend to seek treatment at a hospital other than an Approved Hospital. Failure to do so may render your claim voidable.

You must not sign any form agreeing to be treated as a private patient without the prior written agreement of the Claims Administrator.

You are responsible for paying the first EUR100 of any claim.

When making a claim You must:
a. quote the policy reference number on this document; and
b. provide as much information about the claim as possible to ensure that your claim can be dealt
with as quickly as possible.

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